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"The Blessing". .

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. . . . . . . "A quiet moment of meditation is blessed by the presence
and love of the spirit guide."

Artist's Comment:

I was inspired to paint this picture by the experience I frequently have when I meditate. During my meditations I physically feel the energetic sensation and presence of a spirit guide. The feeling is one of an energetic charge lightly touching the top of my head and brushing across my face. My heart opens to the feeling of love and dedication being bestowed upon me. It is a comfort and a reassurance that I am not alone.

The setting is one of warmth and serenity with nature ripe with bloom. The sanctuary is a place of long-standing quietude. Within my imagination I can retreat to that undisturbed place and sit, stilling my mind as I open to the peacefulness of both the physical and spiritual world.

     This painting was used for the book cover to "The Immortal Tower"   by Dawn  Rouncville,  Empyrean Quest Publishers







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