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"Star Maker"

On a world cloaked in a crystalline blanket of snow, the aurora borealis
illuminates the night sky. In that quiet place an energy dome materializes stars
and sends out light and love to populate the heavens.


Artist’s Comment:

The stillness of a cold, dark, winter’s night seemed so peaceful and full of repose. I was taken with the thought that there was a special place isolated in a high mountain valley that was so full of energy that it generated bursts of light. The aurora borealis gleaming in the sky added to the special charge of energy that fills the scene.

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40"x32" - original (matted & framed): .. $495.00  + S/H $79.00. . . .

14"x18" - matted print.... . . . . .. . .$29.00  + S/H $3.00

11"x14" - matted print.. . . . . . . .  .$19.00  + S/H $3.00


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