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"In The Grove"

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. .In the sacred grove where countless generations before her have gathered
on the full moon,the druid priestess comes to offer love and gratitude to the Goddess
and the spirit of life within all things.


Artist’s Comment:

Looking into my past I was intrigued by my ancient roots to a Celtic ancestry. Having read a number of books that delved into Druidic philosophy and practices I was taken by the depth of respect for sacred places, especially as related to groves of trees. Additionally, there seemed to have been a greater balance with the feminine energies of nature than we have today. In this painting I wished to capture this feminine spirit of reverence for the sacredness of Earth.

The grove lined with ancient stones commemorating a connection with the past seemed the ideal setting for a Celtic theme. As well, evening is my favorite time of day and it represents the meeting of two worlds, of light and dark and the balance between.


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