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"At the Lone Pine".

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High above the valley floor there is a sacred place. One can think
and view the magnificence of nature's beauty.  Alone, one's thoughts soar
with the mountain breeze.


Artist's Comment:

My family owns a ranch in the Methow Valley of north-central Washington state. On our property is a high mountain that looks down upon the valley and the local community of Twisp. The high mountain refuge is so peaceful and calm that we have come to call it "heaven." On the promontory of one of the peaks is an ancient pine that has weathered time and nature's tribulations. It is a favorite spot for contemplation and letting your spirit soar.

Our family holds the spot of the Lone Pine as a sacred place. Indeed it is the place in which my sister's ashes were scattered after her death. Most family members have requested that their ashes too be placed there. When a visitor comes to sit and meditate at the spot they bring a rock to add to the pile of remembrances.

40"x32" - original (matted & framed): .. $495.00  + S/H $79.00..

14"x18" - matted print.... . . . . .. . .$29.00  + S/H $3.00

11"x14" - matted print.. . . . . . . .  .$19.00  + S/H $3.00


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