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"High in the autumn mountains there is a quiet place to sit and expand
your vibration into oneness with the Universe and surround yourself
with the beauty of change."


Artist’s Comment:

I wanted to create in this painting a place of stillness and refuge, a place where the human spirit can rise and show forth its radiant beauty and light. The chanting and experience of the  Sanskrit holy word "OM" creates a sensation of our capability to transform. This experience is one way to elevate our awareness of our true Self and radiant light.

The fall is a season of transition and a time of great natural beauty. The mountain has a grandeur and strength that inspires and connects us to the immensity of life. The sacredness of the temple is that it helps to focus awareness of the natural beauty and gives sanctuary to the heart so it can open and let the spirit soar.

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28"x22" - original (matted & framed): ..SALE  $325.00   $225.00  + S/H $59.00

14"x18" - matted print.... . . . . .. . .$29.00  + S/H $3.00

11"x14" - matted print.. . . . . . . .  .$19.00  + S/H $3.00


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