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"Penelope's Bed"

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The marriage bed of the mythic characters   Odysseus and Penelope is an archetype of devotional love between a couple and the family structure. Odysseus lovingly crafted their bed around a great olive tree that symbolized the strength of their spiritual marriage.


Artist's Comment: 

Inspired by an insightful article on spirituality and marriage in  New Age, The Journal for Holistic Living (Special Issue: Body and Soul: New Age's Annual Guide to Holistic Living - 1999, p.76) entitled "The Marriage Bed" I sought to capture the strength to be garnered when the bedroom is perceived as truly holy ground.  The article states: "We find the spiritual marriage not beyond the sensual but through it, by means of it."

As  fate drew Odysseus   away from his wife, home and newborn son Penelope was left to raise their child, run their household and await his return.  Both husband and wife were thrown into the chaos of life, yet found the strength to endure and overcome their trials and tribulations.   Their love and devotion carried them through and brought them together again.


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