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Comment: This story was written and intended to be published (and I am still hoping to find a willing publisher) as a children's picture book introducing the concepts of spirituality not traditionally taught in contemporary religions. As our old world views are transforming into newer perceptions and practices I thought it appropriate for children to be exposed to a more open-minded and compassionate interpretation of who we are and where we are going. 

This edition was updated and posted at this site on January 11, 2000.


The Rainbow People


William J.D. Doran

Copyright 1999 by William J.D. Doran 


 When I was a young child my parents taught me about God and the angels and how they loved and watched over me. I was taught a lot about how to be a good person and how to be thankful for all I had. Yet, I still had many unanswered questions about how the world was created, where I came from and what my life was all about.

These questions stayed with me as I grew older and guided me to look in many places for the answers. I looked for answers on mountain tops and in churches, in long conversations with friends and strangers. I read countless books and even travels to far off places.

I had many teachers who taught me and I learned many different ways how people across the world look for God. But the more I learned the more confusing it became. So many people had so many different things to say about who God was and what was right and wrong. It wasn’t until I looked deep within my heart that I found the answers to who we are and why we are here.

This is what I have learned: It is the story of our creation and how we are to live our lives with love, how we are to find our connection to the Spirit of All That Is. It is the story that teaches us that we have a purpose for living and each and every one of us is important as we create a world that is full of love and light.

The story begins long ago, before there was a beginning of time and before there was the world that we live in. Everything was God and God was everything: light and love and energy. A long long time went by with there only being God that existed. There was nothing separate to experience new and different things. Then God came up with a thought, "Why not learn more about myself by experiencing life through other beings?" This seemed to be a good idea because God was bursting with so much light and life that it exploded into a million billion pieces. It scattered into a rainbow of colors and spread out to create the universe. There were more different types of life than there are stars in the sky and God would watch each one and learn about itself as life took on new shapes and experiences.

When people were created we had God’s light shining inside us, but now it wasn’t brilliant white like God’s, it was split into the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. God split up our colors so each person could find out for themselves by bringing their inner rainbow back together that they were made of the One Light. This may sound a little funny but each of our inner colors makes up the parts of who we are. When we finally learn to bring all our separate colors together our inner light would be whole once again. We just had to remember that everything, including ourselves, was connected and part of God.

We were to practice living with love and sharing it with others no matter who they were or how they behaved. God knew that when people could learn to love even in bad times as well as good, they would really understand that everything that happened was an opportunity to find and express their loving energy. Everything that happened was meant to be a way to come closer to God by living through our open heart. By letting go of fears and doubts we would make the connection between us and God very strong; sharing our love we would receive love in return.

To give us time to find our connection to God we were created as spirits that would live forever. Here on Earth we were given bodies for our spirits to live in and that really made things interesting. You see, we have to work at finding food, shelter and security. Also, finding others to love and understand us some times isn’t very easy. God gave us bodies so our spirits would experience what it was like to overcome our difficulties and create the best and happiest lives we could. Since God was a creator it thought it would be a good thing to watch others learn to create as well. So, God gave us the job of figuring out that we also had powers and could create wonderful lives. We were given the chance to make the world the way we wanted by using the power of our love and imagination, just like God.

Because there was too much for a person to learn and experience in just one life time it was part of God’s plan to let people live many times in many different bodies. This way we would have all different types of experiences learning what it would be like to be both a boy and a girl, young and old, rich and poor, strong and weak. You see, each time we are born we are given a new chance to make the light inside us grow stronger by learning to be more loving every step of the way.

To help us learn, God gave us a way to grow strong by finding the beauty of its loving energy flowing within ourselves. We were taught about the power of our rainbow and how each color has energy that affects how we behave and live our lives. Each color energy is like a step on a stairway that leads us higher and higher towards becoming more like God.

Now if you could see the glowy colorful lights in your body you would think it was pretty cool. The colors really are types of energy that flow through us and outward up to heaven. Each is stronger than the one below it and vibrates closer to that of God’s energy. Each has a lesson for us to learn about ourselves and how we can channel our energy to create wonderful lives.

It really is pretty simple how we learn to understand this energy and what it means in our life. Its easiest if you close your eyes and imagine the color rainbow moving up your body. Then we need to recognize the feeling in each energy center and open them so our energy can flow, connecting us to God. This connection is how we learn to control our behavior and develop our creative power. So you see, when we know the feeling of our energy and internal rainbow we create a balanced healthy life for ourselves.

Now all this information seemed a bit strange to me when I first heard it, energy centers and internal rainbows and all. I had to think about it a lot and practice feeling the energy. Most of all, I had to close my eyes and quietly meditate on the colors and what they mean. Here is a picture to help you see the rainbow inside yourself.



First of our rainbow colors is red. It is found right at the base of our seat. Some people even call this our "root" center. Its energy makes up the way we act as a boy or a girl, as well as how we see ourselves as part of a family or a community. It is where we learn to control our desires and our need to be close to others in order to feel good about ourselves.

The second color is orange, it’s the starting point for learning that we are worthy of receiving God’s abundant love and blessings, that we are safe with the protection of its love. The orange energy has to do with our sense of being safe and in control. It reflects our sense of security, as well as how we develop our friendships.

Yellow is next and is the color that holds the key to understanding our feelings about ourselves and how we feel about getting close to other people. This center is where we develop our inner power. When we understand its energy it makes us peaceful and generous because we know we can be responsible for our lives.


Green is the color in the middle and is very special because it is at our heart and is the center of our spirit. It holds all the information about our love and what makes us happy. It balances all the other energies because when we live our lives with love we see how everything is connected to God. In the heart is where we make peace within our selves and with the world around us.


Blue is the color of our throat energy and it is where we learn our capabilities to communicate and express ourselves. It is our center for creativity and expression. Here we learn to speak from that part of us that knows God is within us.

The sixth color is indigo and is the center of our deep inner knowing that we are connected to all things through God’s energy. This energy center is also called our "third eye!" It helps us see that energy flows between and around us, making us one. It is the center of forgiveness and compassion and allows us to let go of anger, hatred and resentment and move into a more loving and understanding view of who we are.

The last and seventh color of our internal rainbow is violet. It is called our "crown center" for it is the strongest of our energies and is where we hold the knowledge that in truth we are wise and graceful spirit-beings living in our human bodies. As we raise our energy it flows up and through this center and joins with the pure white light of God’s love that surrounds us.


So, step by step, color by color, we have to learn to look deep within and understand how to connect all our energy and make ourselves whole. God created us so that when we started to think of ourselves as spirits made up of light energy we would start to see the world differently. We would see how we belonged in the world and could learn to create the things we wanted. As we learned about ourselves and our powers, God would be learning about itself too.

Once we begin the process of our learning, things start to change rapidly. First, we start to take more time to think about God and find ways to let love guide us throughout the day. We learn that even our mistakes are ways for us to grow stronger and care more for ourselves and those around us. As we learn to give more of ourselves to others we open to receive more from God in return. Finally, by being patient and understanding we can accept ourselves and others for who we are, knowing that all are part of God. You see, everyone is learning about their inner rainbow and are growing in their own special pace and time.

This is the teaching that I learned and the story of how God gave us a way to grow strong living happy, healthy lives. If we look at all the rainbow colors inside ourselves and think about how each has a lesson to teach, we can make our inner light grow bright and shine with love. Working together we can create a world that one day will have so much love and light in it that all life will live together in perfect peace.


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