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Shiva /Shakti


From Absolute Consciousness universes are given birth

Artist's Comment:
I love the imagery of Tantric Yoga which holds that all that exists is contained within the absolute totality of Consciousness.  The yogis call this one unified essence Shiva.  The force of creation within this absolute is the Divine Feminine, or   I started with the imagery of  Shiva's brow combined with the image of  Shakti's yoni opening to birth a new worldAt the time of my painting this picture I was also experiencing the loss of vision in my left eye.  The fractured world in this scene seemed to subliminally come out as an expression of my fractured vision.  The experience has deepened my inner vision and has amped up my creativity.



Original (matted & framed):    $395.00  
plus S/H depending on location

Call the artist at (206) 861-2775 or email at  to purchase 


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