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"Through the Veil"

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"Transcending the perception of our separation from The One, the veil
is parted.  With an open heart we stand ready to receive and accept that,
which in reality, was never separate from ourselves."

Artist’s Comment:

This painting, rich in spiritual symbolism, depicts our opening up to receive the full spirit of God’s love. The barrier that separates us from our own divinity is removed and love gently settles in to illuminate our life.

The open window represents the condition of our third-dimensional self. The fertility and beauty beyond is the state of grace that exists when one chooses to connect to their spiritual identity.

The hillsides of my native Methow Valley in north-central Washington State inspired me for the setting.


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40"x32" - original  NOT FOR SALE

14"x18" - matted print.... . . . . .. . .$29.00  + S/H $3.00

11"x14" - matted print.. . . . . . . .  .$19.00  + S/H $3.00



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